You are using a free platform for active people, who set their training goals and reach them with the help of others.

Pulsstory it’s a platform where you can find all the products and services for your training:

clubs, coaches, competitions
sports events, workout programs and recipes.

A platform where you’ll never run short of inspiration and motivation.

The first tool which lets you manage trainings and, at the same time, donate others.

With pulsstory you are in control of your heart beat.

set the goals

with the help of a tool and according to the simple rule:




You set the goal – we set the clock and there is no way back.

do the workout

wherever you want,
whoever you want with,
with coach or by yourself,
with heart rate monitor or smartphone application.
Here you plan your workouts, join the events, check the other club’s offers and coaches.

You can enter data to pulsstory, either manually or by downloading from the most popular tools (endomondo, runkeeper), heart rate monitors (garmin, polar, suunto, timex, sigma).

being consciously

in pulsstory you find trainers who will help you in choosing the training plan; here you can go out for a workout with a friend who is on the same level of training as you, or simply – he likes to run in the same places

collecting data you also create your story which is archived in one place.
Your performance is being monitored and you know how your heart works.

you share

the information about your progress with friends/others and they support you.

If you wish the information will reach all your friends because pulsstory has been synchronized with the most popular social media platforms.

with joy

use tools to publish your plans, results, statistics, progress and training’s photos.

Here is where you join community, teams, groups, sport events as well as competitions and happenings organized all over the country and in various sport disciplines.
You meet people with the same dreams as yours!

and help the others

because with each heartbeat, each kilometer set behind, each burnt off calorie you at the same time write beautiful stories.

Some of them you can dedicate to another person like for example, autistic children from SYNAPSIS foundation, because pulsstory it’s a platform that connects all: charity foundations, organizers, coaches, clubs and donors.

Doing workouts with you smartphone?

For you we have got something special!

Do you have sport goals?


More advanced tools


to your needs


Do you workout for sport’s results?

you want to look after yours and your trainees’ progress?

Or maybe you are looking for a way to find a sponsor and be able to prepare better?

Is your work related to active people?

We support marketing automation

or business related to active lifestyle

– sport, fitness, recreation.

If you manage a club, organize sports events, support charity foundations

through active people (ie. during running competitions)

our technological solutions can make your actions more efficient,

and take effects of your work to a whole new level.